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Iso Tank Lease Manage Capability


Our ISO tanks ply between Sg and Peninsula Malaysia via two modes of transportation and they are;

  • By road
  • By ship

HSSE is paramount in liquid logistics throughout the journey especially road transport. Thus, our management pillar on HSSE is important and consistently reviewed on mitigation strategy against untoward incidents as well as CI strategy and implementation. 4 important pillars we look into and they are;

  • Vehicle Management
  • Driver Management
  • JMP
  • HSSE Management

These pillars has a set MS which is constantly shared through toolbox meets come with daily STL activity and scheduled audits on both equipment, system and HR.

Culture in HSSE approach is our key focus which begins with management itself driving it down to ground level. Consequence management is also key toward ensuring discipline is instilled and procedures adhered to. Driver rewards regardless own or contracted, are given out to high performers. We DO NOT sacrifice safety for profitability!!