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Our humble beginning started back in 2005 when there was much service failures in our said industry in particularly, East Malaysia. We strife to beat our next best competitor but soon realize why beat others when we could set our own standards. Thus, our story of success & journey toward excellence began!

We believe in process flows and set procedures! Our team then processes these set procedures into action items which we will then constantly monitor and bring forth continuous improvement.

In strong HR strategy where training and induction plays an important role, we focus much on how effective our message gets across by regular review through KPIs & health checks. Hence, we adapt superbly well and quick.

In short, we are confident, we will serve your logistics needs well whilst managing margins for both our clientele & ourselves.

Core Values

  • No Executive is worthy of its name unless they work on a Written Schedule
  • Say A Prayer Before Start Work
  • Initiative – ask oneself how it goes!
  • Meet set GOALS
  • Passion, Discipline & Maturity


  • New approach designed to Improve Management covering Transportation/ Warehousing & Distribution and Shipping
  • Bring Value to our Client through efficiency and cost effective operation
  • Structured approach in Project Management in order to achieve deliverables
  • 3rd Party Consultation & Management


  • RM 25 million turnover by 2018
  • LLP & 4PL capability by 2018
  • 3PL readiness by 1Q 2016